August 30, 2009

She is back!!!!

Ahh a voice of reason among the many quaks.

jeana Says:

August 27th, 2009 at 4:04 pm
There may not be enough evidence of domestic violence, but enough that the judge would rather be safe than sorry. Just because someone isn't convicted of something doesn't mean they're not guilty.

This is what PROTECTIVE MOTHERS have been saying all along. DV does hot happen in the open as shown in this video:

Domestic violence happens in secret - behind closed doors. Who sees it? Nobody except the victim and the perpetrator. Maybe the chidlren who generally are either too young to testify (unless the abuse escalates to murder) or too aligned with the abuser after years of being told their mother is stupid. Just search for Susan Still. Her 13 year old son was forced to video tape his father beating his mother. This is about the only time you will hear of abuse being corroborated. Any other time it is NEARLY ALWAYS a he said she said situation.

So jeana it is a welcome sight for sore eyes to see you back and posting again. Welcome back to the insanity!

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