August 14, 2009

Attila, Attila, Attila, your version of her side does not count!!!!

Lastly, the eventual book that I will write and have published will contain not just my side but my ex-wife’s side as well as I have documented verbatim every moment of every day for the past three years so both sides of the truth will be put forward.

Can we all say it at once? CONTROL!!!!! Attila, your words as to her version of the events that led to your denial of a mother to children do NOT equate to her side of the story.

If you did not understand that let me make it really clear for you:

Your words, your version - your side

Your words for her, your version for her - your side.

She is SILENCED!!!! Now gee readers - doesn't THAT sound familiar?
Oh yeah I forgot


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