August 23, 2009


If you can avoid filing for divorce in Hillsborough County Florida - do so at all costs. This is a warning to you that the judges in that county do not listen to the pleas of the victims and in fact allow the batterers to utilize their courtrooms in order to further abuse the victims.


A little history first:
- August 2005 I filed for divorce in Tampa, Florida. WHY?
- November 2005 my ex filed a restraining order against me, & was denied Typical of Florida courts
- December 2005 my ex hit me & was arrested for domestic violence Did she "hit you" or "defend herself"?
- December 2005 I moved out of the marital home - BIG MISTAKE... don't EVER move out... what you leave behind is now hers You were married so it is partly hers and what we are not hearing is who worked, who bought etc etc - typical of the FR activist - everything is his no matter what - even the children
- December 2005 I filed a restraining order against her & it was granted I am sure you used the alleged assault - million dollar question however is who assaulted who and who was defending? Hmmm time for Petunia to hit uip the Hillsborough county court website
- January 2006 the ex reported me to DCFS and alleged that I was sexually abusing my three kids. DCFS found her accusations baseless DCF is overworked and underpaid and undertrained. They often fall for the charm of a man who is alleged to be abusive
- One year of litigation followed And I am sure that was all her fault also - you filed no papers and had NOTHING to do with protracted litigation?
- January 2007 we signed a marital settlement agreement (MSA). I get every other weekend Thursday to Monday (4 day weekends), every Thursday, 1st right of refusal, and alternating 2 week periods over the summer... I have them 43% of the time. Did she sign WILLINGLY?
- January to July 2007 she refused to comply with the MSA According to whom?
- July 2007 Final Hearing and hearing on my Motions for Enforcement. .. divorce granted... enforcement granted
- August 2007 she requested a rehearing
- December 2007 her rehearing was granted, but she was not granted any new concessions
- February 2008 the judge signs the Final Judgment
- May 2008 she started talking to someone in Tennessee about a job
- August 2008 she informs me she has accepted a position in Tennessee, is moving, and that she wants to take the kids with her
- Labor Day weekend, the ex moves to TN and drops the kids off on my doorstep. I continue to pay child support to her even though the kids are with me.
- September 2008 General Magistrate Proctor recommends she be allowed to temporarily relocate the kids
- I appealed to Judge Silver... He ruled in December 2008 to allow the temporary relocation
- December 23, 2008 the boys moved to TN with mom... my daughter (17) chose to stay here with me
- Six months goes by... she doesn't let me talk to them, my parents live near her but she doesn't let them see the kids either, I only get to see them once a month for a two day weekend. I went from having them 43% of the time to under 10%.
- June 11, 2009 Final Trial for Relocation.. . she testifies that she refuses to give me the boys' cell phone numbers, she testifies that her reason for relocating was for the job and not the kids, she testifies about a lot of things not realizing that she only hurt herself. She runs her mouth so much that we have to have another day of trial...
- August 4, 2009 2nd day of Final Trial for Relocation.. . I testify... Honestly I don't even remember most of what I said... my attorney asked me questions and I answered...
- August 7, 2009 The judge asked to speak to my boys. She spoke to them in private and the transcript is sealed to protect them.

- August 14, 2009, a day that will live in infamy in the Family Law Courts of Tampa... The judge not only denied her relocation, but she found that it was a bad faith move, that she only moved to take the kids away from me, that she did not and will not in the future foster ANY relationship between the kids and I. The judge gave me custody of the boys, she gave me credit for child support from last year when the ex moved to TN and left the kids with me, plus I get credit for my daughter remaining with me while the boys went with her for 6 months. The judge orders her to pay me $1,190 a month for support plus $310 a month for the next 3-4 years until she has repaid to me the child support credits I am due, and she gives the ex the same visitation schedule that the ex tried to give me. LAST BUT NOT LEAST... the ex tried to ask the judge if she could move back to Florida and keep things the same as before... the judge said "NO!!! You testified that you had no desire to move back if the boys do not relocate, so NO!!!" So there you have it folks - another mother and children falling victim to maternal deprivation....

My friends, if you need to get into a fact-friendly and father-friendly court in Hillsborough County Florida, try to get your case moved to Judge Catherine Catlin's Court. She is no-nonsesnse, she pays attention to the FACTS and not to the ramblings of emotional women. And if you need a good attorney, call the Hunter Law Group. They are an outstanding group of attorneys. Rick DePippo represented me and he was better than anything I've ever seen, even those scripted lawyers on TV.

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

Petunia cannot say anymore - he has said it all. So MOMS STAY AWAY FROM HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY!!!!!

UPDATE: Petunia has done a cursory glance of the court docket and it appears that j_kannard was less than cooperative, in fact he attempted to block the mother from being on the emergency contact form at the children's school. He also refused to produce documents and the wife/mother had to put in at least three requests for the documents. Hmmmm does any of this sound familiar? It sure does to Petunia.

So there you have it folks - another case of maternal deprivation......

Oh and j_kannard - why don't you give ALL of the details instead of just the cherry picked ones?

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