August 16, 2009

Cancers who has it worse? Or otherwise entitled - lets hate on women some more.

Gunner Retired Says:

August 16th, 2009 at 4:24 am

....And do not insult me by inferring I do not have grounds to be upset, or by accusing me of having 'anger management issues' because I appear more than "well gee wally, that's swell" over what I've been entreated to.

My daughter was STOLEN from me.

My daughters college tuition fund was STOLEN from me.

My savings and investments and retirement annuity were STOLEN ftom me.

My ability to provide for any family I might wish to try to start again was STOLEN from me.

My good reputation was STOLEN from me.

Shall we discuss my dignity and self respect?

And you speak of "what's fair"?

And do excuse me please if I don't boo fooking hoo over your womens plight.

Gunner Retired

Your daughter is not just YOUR daughter. She also has a mother. Are you leaving anything out? Like maybe this child WANTS to be with her mom? Girls need a female figure to look up to, and maybe this female child decided it was time to be with mom. And wah wah wah you got no child support? Seems from your post HERE that you make twice what she does. And here we go again with I said this happened so it did and it does not matter what she says, because we all know all women lie all the time. Yeah okay GR go cry a river, build a bridge, and get the hell over it already.

Now for the readers who are wondering what the original article concerns, it is about women's cancer funding for breast, ovarian, and cervical cancerS (yes that is more than one kind of cancer) versus the funding for male prostate cancer (one cancer). So lets see now, the types of cancers that affect women can hit at generally any age after puberty, and prostate cancer hits in middle age. Women's cancers affect child bearing, wheras prostate cancer victims/survivors are generally past child producing stages.

The older you are, the greater the risk for getting prostate cancer. The remarkably sharp increase in incidence with age is a hallmark of the disease. Sixty percent of all newly diagnosed cases and almost 80 percent of all deaths occur in men 70 years of age and older.

From 1998 to 2002, the median age at diagnosis was 68 years. The percentages of people diagnosed with prostate cancer based on age were as follows:

0.0 percent were diagnosed under age 20
0.0 percent between 20 and 34
0.5 percent between 35 and 44
8.3 percent between 45 and 54
26.9 percent between 55 and 64
37.0 percent between 65 and 74
22.6 percent between 75 and 84
4.7 percent 85+ years of age.

Compare to the breast cancer stats:

Approximately 0.0% were diagnosed under age 20;
1.9% between 20 and 34;
10.5% between 35 and 44;
22.5% between 45 and 54;
23.7% between 55 and 64;
19.6% between 65 and 74;
16.2% between 75 and 84;
and 5.5% 85+ years of age.

Now how about cervical cancer:

Approximately 0.2% were diagnosed under age 20;
14.9% between 20 and 34;
26.2% between 35 and 44;
23.5% between 45 and 54;
15.8% between 55 and 64;
10.4% between 65 and 74;
6.6% between 75 and 84;
and 2.5% 85+ years of age.

Here we see that women under the age of 20 are being diagnosed with cervical cancer - hear that UNDER 20!!!! And almost half of all cervical cancer cases (41.3 percent) were diagnosed in women who were still in childbearing stage. Couple that to men at .5 percent - 1/2 of one percent.

Now on with the last one - ovarian cancer - one that will directly affect childbearing more so than cervical cancer. For those men who need a science lesson, this is where our HALF of the genetic material for those beautiful children comes from. Yes we donate one half, you dimwits!!!

Approximately 1.3% were diagnosed under age 20;
3.5% between 20 and 34;
7.4% between 35 and 44;
18.9% between 45 and 54;
22.3% between 55 and 64;
19.9% between 65 and 74;
19.0% between 75 and 84;
and 7.6% 85+ years of age.

Again we have 12.2 percent of all diagnosis are made in child bearing years and women under 20 are affected AGAIN!!!! Men truly do not become affected by prostate cancer until the age of 45. If precautions are taken and MEN get over there I am he-man attitudes and go to their doctors for the exam (oh yeah lets not get into THAT conversation) chances are excellent that discovery will be made at an early point in time. Many of the survivors of prostate cancer implore men to get THE exam, they say they did not.

Okay now that we have seen more female hatred in full swing, lets move on.

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