August 16, 2009

Matt O'Connor of F4J fame is up to.....

Well what is he doing nowadays you might ask? He sure does hate women as you can see by his history with the Father's 4 Justice group. But he is after all a man and a man who loves money (which is probably why he joined F4J - so he could avoid paying HER child support and/or alimony). So in conversing with my friendly BADASS MAMAS, what should we receive in our email box but this link: Hmmmmmm now I wonder what this could be? Read the story then click HERE and we now understand.

LONDON - One of the founders of fathers' rights group Fathers 4 Justice is launching a fresh artisanal Italian gelato brand in a bid to shake-up the UK ice-cream market.

Yep it seems good ol' Matt O'Connor is the founder of the icreamists, the players in these commercials. Hey he wants to control women, what a way for him to humiliate women and make men look even dumber than what they are. Or is it only MO'C who is that? One will never know. >;-}~~

UPDATE: This is the website for the "actors and actresses" in these commercials. Please be warned (as a commenter has let me know) that if you truly love ice cream, you might not want to visit this site. It is thoroughly DISGUSTING and filled with woman hate and exploitation!


Anonymous said...

I just went to that ice creamists site. Ugh! Just....ugh! They managed to take one of my favorite things and associate it with misogyny , nice.

Anonymous said...

"The Queens Of Cream" Yeah....That isn't at all sexual *sarcasm*