August 23, 2009

How do the FR's truly feel?

Petunia is often privy to the goings on of the FR movement. I feel I "HAVE" to be in order to understand the enemy as it were. Because these men truly do have issues and are the enemy - the enemies of CHILDREN!!!! Don't believe me? Just read this email from a happy card carrying FR activist.

If more people were to tote guns at our protests . The sooner the government tyranny would end. In the 60's the first Million Man March was to be all black men carrying guns. The FBI called Dr. Martin Luther King and asked him to get involved . Of course he advocated no guns and anybody could participate. This led Malcolm X to say "See they (government) are even telling us how to protest."

Advocating the toting of guns which in the hands of angry people lead to death? And we are supposed to believe that these men care about the children?

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A said...

Excellent work Petunia!