August 30, 2009

The shift in NCM percentages?

Well here we have it again. RF again playing games with numbers when it suits him.
Cough. "The shift in favour of fathers...has occurred in America?" When? Did I fall asleep for 30 years? Just in case facts matter, U.S. Census Bureau data show that, in 1993, 84% of custodial parents were mothers. By 2005, that number had plummeted to...84%!

How many single parent homes existed in 1993 RF? And how many exist now in 2005? Hmmmmmmm makes one wonder. Lets take a quick break while I research these numbers

Still looking :-)

Still searching

Hang in there almost there


Click HERE to read the true statistics on single parents homes. According to this website there were 7 million single parent homes in 1990. So 84% of that is 5.88 million single mother led households. Now this is not specified as to single mom because she has always been single or because she is divorced - just single mother led households. And according to this website 13.5 million single parent households. Now this would equate to 11.34 million.

This site also says this: The proportion of single mother families grew to 26% and single father families grew to 5% by 2000 (from 12% and 1% respectively in 1970). Single mother led households doubled over this time period where the single father led households grew at a rate of 5 times. So a 100% increase versus a 500% increase. HMMMMMMMMMMMM..........

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