August 21, 2009

GG I believe I may have the answer to your question

GG Says:

August 21st, 2009 at 7:16 pm
Remember the Colleen Stan kidnapping? Her abductor turned her into a sex slave for 7 years. Why, Franklin, do you avoid the slave industry? After all, it's an international problem. Is that not violent enough for you, or do you just have a hankering to convince people that women are the root of all evil.

GG you ask why Franklin would ignor things like the Stan kidnapping? You might also ask, why he would ignore the pleas of a GROWN woman (Holly Collins) as well. Or why he would ignore Fatima Loeliger's statement that she is NOW happy, when she lived with her father and his wife, she was extremely UNHAPPY? Or how about the hundreds and thousands of protective moms who allege DV and abuse of themselves and the children. Why would he ignore these cries and pleas?

Petunia thinks (OPINION OF PETUNIA) Franklin wants to marginalize women and place us back into the 1940's mentality. Back to when women were seen and not heard. Women have no rights. Just look at any of the commenter on his site and you will find an original signatory to the Father's Manifesto. You know that mysogynistic little piece whereby MEN want women to stay home, never be able to vote, never be able to speak their minds. Yeah that's right - THEY DON'T THINK WE HAVE MINDS.

So there you have it GG. "Those" men will never admit that a woman can actually digest a subject, think about it and form an opinion and even be able to articulate that opinion. We are second class. This IS the issue.

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