October 20, 2009

menscollegeactivist.org what part of this do you NOT understand about this?

Man, it seems we have a couple of commentators here that have lost perspective. Both parties have sworn under oath, that the cut on the face was Accidental...what part of that do you not understand??

Okay MCA, so they both under oath said that it was an accident? What part do you not understand about this scenario? Senator explains to girlfriend that if she goes forward with her charges and tells the truth, then he stands to lose his job. So maybe just maybe they left out some details. Again, you DO NOT KNOW. YOU WERE NOT THERE DUMAS!!!!!!

So why don't you get a life and maybe get some counseling so you can be a better father to the children who you either abused or to whom you were such a pig they no longer want anything to do with you.

Or maybe you like raping women? Why don't you get help for that issue.

No you would much rather bitch about all the man hating women out there on all the blogs and forums you can find.

My world's smallest violin is ready and available for hire you doof.

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