October 25, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness and MRA's

Now this is not something I write about too frequently as I tend to stick to DV issues. However this is near and dear to my heart. I have several FEMALE relatives who have survived breast cancer. I truly do not believe they would have survived had they been diagnosed 40 years ago or even 20 years ago. They would have probably been left disfigured by the mastectomies that would have been ROUTINELY performed. But they survived, they are NOT disfigured, and I still have my wonderful aunts, sisters, and friends because of advances made in breast cancer research and awareness. So what do these MRA's have to say about research?

Gonzman says:
The damn Disease doesn't belong to you, ladies.

We never claimed it BELONGED to us. However if you look at the number of victims and split it down, breast cancer typically strikes almost 5 times as many women and there are almost 10 times as many female deaths of women due to breast cancer.

Mr. X says:
Breast cancer research is ultimately futile at this point. Over 40 years, billions of dollars and what do we know today we didn't know back then?

I am assuming here that you do not know anybody who has had breast cancer? You do not remember (or maybe you are too young and were too drunk or drugged up to remember what breast cancer meant for a woman (or even a man) in the 60's and 70's? It meant for women that they would forever be disfigured. Insurance would in most cases pay for a mastectomy, but they would NOT pay for reconstruction. So women were walking around lopsided and subjected to cruel stares. Sometimes even worse, the words that would follow would be inhumanely cruel. So yeah, Mr. X lets go back to chopping off women's breasts - that is the answer.

bluegrass says:
The problem with breast cancer research now is that it's basically sucking all of the cancer research dollars. That is, because there is sooo much money directed toward it, it's actually taking money AWAY from the study of other cancers.

Do you have figures on this? Point me to an OFFICIAL cancer research website which says they are losing money due to breast cancer sucking it all up? Didn't think so....

dr e says:
I know that NCI gives breast cancer a good deal more $ than they give prostate but I was wondering the other day about the "total" amount of money that goes to breast cancer which would include charitable contributions and govt funding. Anyone know?
If you researched the number of victims of breast cancer (both survivors and those who succumb to the disease) and those of protate cancer, and the fact that if men would simply set their pride aside and get the test done, those who succumb to breast cancer clearly outnumber those to prostate cancer. If the tests are done at the correct time rather than being full of pride due to the nature of the test, prognosis for prostate cancer is very good. In fact according to WHO, breast cancer deaths outnumber prostate cancer deaths nearly 3 to 1.

Mr. X says:
The price point is too high for the return on investment.

I guess the 1.3 MILLION women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year do not matter to Mr. X - as long as one of those women is not a friend or family member of his. Petunia thinks he might change his tune then - what do you readers think?

no2fembots says:
Support firearms rights! This is a Men's Rights Issue!!!

Ahhhhhhh Hah!!!! Now we are at the crux of the issue. NOW we are seeing the true light. MRA's want to have issues that are all about power and control. Because if you are holding a gun, then you are IN CONTROL. Mmm hmmmm......

Mr. X says:
I believe 5% to 10% of breast cancer patients are men. What's sad is these guys get no recognition.

Actually I covered it above. Male deaths to female deaths - more than 10 to one.

Okay I guess this about covers it.

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