October 6, 2009

TMOTS and flagging :-)

Whenever I come across a blog that is so obviously misandric, I FLAG it. If enough people do so, blogger, blogspot, wordpress etal usually react in some fashion...


TMOTS (taken from www.antimisandry.com - should be called www.wehatewomen.com)

Well, TMOTS, I hate to break it to your poor widdle broken spirit, but my writing the comments of brain dead MRA's on my blog and then providing commentary is PROTECTED speech. Look into that pesky little thing called the First Ammendment again dipshit.


Meadester said...

The 1st amendment does not protect you from having others mark your content as offensive. Personally, I don't agree that TMOTS methods are the best; I prefer to counter speech I find offensive with more and better speech. But I've seen bloggers I like be tagged, so if those are the rules that Blogger.com and the other blog publishers set, everyone is equally free to play by them.

BTW, since you ask your commenters to "keep it clean" don't you think it's hypocritical to call someone a dipshit?

Glenn's Cult? said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Oh is that a MRA on my blog? Well golly gee whiz it sure is. Should I bow down to him ladies? Nah not worth my time. What is worth my time however, this is MY blog dipshit and I will say dipshit if I want to say dipshit. When I said keep it vlean, I meant words I determine. Shit is used in Primtime TV shows so it is not as foul as you like to pretned. But then again you pretned a lot don't you?

Like you pretned that your little buddies in your MRA groups are lily white and clean.

Uh huh.... Buh bye boof.

Meadester said...

Well, thank you for publishing my comment and for tacitly admitting I was right by changing the subject. That means more to me than you "bowing down" to me.

I appreciate you clarifying your rules about what is clean and dirty. I have no problem with curse words, as long as you don't have double standards about them.

I have been called an MRA by extremist feminists, a feminist by extreme MRAs, and a White Supremacist, a "Nigger Lover", a "Gook Lover", a "Spic Lover", etc. by other extremists. I will not apologize for loving and supporting the rights of both sexes and all races.

I agree, not all MRAs are "Lily white and clean." Some are woman-haters and I have no more sympathy for them than I do for feminists who are man-haters. Some are anti-homosexual and I have had some bitter arguments with at least one of those so-called MRAs, even though I am not gay myself (JERRY SEINFELD VOICE):"Not that there's anything WRONG with that!" In other words I support equal rights for all - I support reasonable feminists like Cathy Young, Wendy McElroy, and Christina Hoff Sommers. I support reasonable MRAs like Glenn Sacks, Robert Franklin, and Warren Farrell. I condemn extreme hateful feminists like Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon, Mary Daly, and Valerie Solanas. I also condemn their male equivalents such as Marc Lepine, George Sodini, and some obscure MRA bloggers, none of whom are published authors or high-ranking academics, because as I said I support the rights of all people regardless of sex, race, or any other trivial traits.

Glenn's Cult? said...

It is amazing to me that you say GS and RF are "reasonable". And why is it that you must call out those who you say are ectreme feminists - but you do not call out any of the extreme MRA's? And by some definitions - some of the names you list as being "reasonable" MRA's - could very well be considered extreme.

I feel a man who goes on an attack on a woman who was granted asylum in another country - by asking his readers to dig up dirt on her - is NOT a reasonable person. I also find it extremely odd that this same writer feels the need to ban people from posting and then coming up withe xcuses as to why they are not allowed to post.

So go run back to your little corner, get out of mine. Go whine and cry the blues about what an extremist feminist I am - what a man hater I am. Nothing I say about myself will change your little opinion of me, so why do I want to even try?

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not worth my time.