October 27, 2009

Mike Hunter on child support (this one gets its own post due to the extreme hatred)

Mike Hunter Says:

October 25th, 2009 at 12:11 pm
"My ex makes 150K but will only pay 30 percent of first 75k for child support. Not enough to keep the kids at home with me home schooling."

Cry me a river. That comes out to $22,500 a year; much more then it costs to support a kid or two. I support a family of 3 on $17,500 a year, go to college full time, and actually have to work for my money instead of the government taking from someone and giving it to me. Not to mention that I have to pay taxes on the money I make unlike child support which is tax free. Also I bet Texas has a much lower cost of living then Florida.

I have to find a job to support them.

You mean you have to find a job to support yourself. Child support is not mommy support. How did you plan to obtain money to live if you have no job, and use child support for the children? The magical money tree in your back yard?

Also shouldn't you be required to support your children. Child support is suppose to cover 50% of the cost of raising a child. The custodial parent is responsible for paying for the other 50%. I'm willing to bet that the child support you receive covers a lot more then half of the cost of raising your children. If the child support gets spent on the children at all.

I do believe you're entitled to some financial support.

Why? She chose not to continue her education. She chose to stay at home instead of working. Why shouldn't be responsible for her decisions? If any other person would have chose not to continue their education, and not to advance their career they would still be expected to work.

Is there some reason that she can't work such as disability? If she wanted to find employment she could find a job somewhere to support herself. Jobs flipping burgers, cleaning toilets, or washing dishes aren't too hard to find. Why should she not be forced to be financially accountable for herself, and the children she elected to have; just like every male born in this country is.

Okay nothing like some real hatred right at first blow - "Cry me a river"?

Now again we come to choices and decisions. Terri and her husband made a choice as to what Terri would do if they had children and up until this point, they had been following that path. Now because her husband has made a choice without consulting anyone and with very little thought as to how this would affect the children, he is going to become a woman. Hmmm lets see if I have this right? Two people discussing how life will work in regards to homeschooling versus one person arbitrarily deciding to do something which will not only affect himself but many others? Yep I think I got that scenario right - PATRIARCHY and it is okay in this FR/MRA eyes.

And gotta love this one - child support is supposed to be 50%. Men constantly are saying oh but I buy them clothes, I buy them food, I do this or I do that when they are with me. They do not get the costs of raising a child. They do not see the day in day out costs. This woman might be lucky and find a job (in this economy people with excellent resumes are unemployed so good luck with that one). So she is going to be able to find a job to go along with the 22.5k PER YEAR that she might or might not get from him. Again this is what she MIGHT get.

And again in his closing statement he is de-focusing on the choice made by the husband and focusing on a choice that was in all likelihood made by both the wife and the husband and condemning her for it. Nothing like victim blame in all it's glory here.

On a side note - Mike please share where in Florida you live so when I vacation there with my family, I can avoid the obvious hate filled area in which you live. And I say that simply because you are walking about able to post on websites and nobody has seen fit to expose your hate? You have yet to commit a hate crime against anyone? And you expect a judge to give you some sort of parenting time with your children? What so you can perpetuate your hate? Give us another generation of haterz?

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