October 6, 2009

More woman hate (and possible condoning of illegal actions) by 6ame

Just watching Countdown and the presenter was saying the best way to know which is your best friend, your wife or your dog, is to put them both in the boot (trunk) of your car for an hour, and when you open it, you're best friend will be the one happiest to see you :D

Hmmm this is some joke. 6ame thinks it would be amusing to lock a dog and a woman into a trunk for an hour. Need I say more?

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Cold North Wind said...

Sounds like a bunch of educationally challenged teenage boys- around 14 -pissed out of their minds having failed miserably at a circle jerk attempt- are now trying another way to act what they think is -masculine. How old are these - -people (?)
And- is this -Teri a person- or a female person- or- what ??? Very small imaginations-
Why does a group of persons want to "piss off" feminists- ? (feminists are humans who are interested in having the same human rights that males have-
) we managed to get the vote and become persons under the law - - -guess some members of our society aren't used to that yet-
This is just weird- and pathetic- real or role or- whatever it is - -