October 6, 2009

Nintendo beware!!!! Woman haters illegally downloading software

Oh God, I just seen the latest advert for Professor Layton And The Curious Box, a great game by the way. A man is playing the game on a train, he's trying to work out one of the puzzles, it shows the train travelling along the tracks and it turns into night time, he's still on the puzzle, so he leans over and hands the DS to his girlfriend, and she of course solves the puzzle in a heartbeat.
Imagine girls were lagging behind boys in school, and this was how females were constantly portrayed, there would be uproar.
I'm glad I illegally downloaded the game a few weeks before it came out, now I won't be buying it. (comment from 6ame on antimisandry.com)

This is interesting to learn. I wonder how Nintendo would feel if they were to learn that MEN are downloading ILLEGAL, PIRATED copies of the game software that has taken months and even years to develop, create, and test. Only to be ILLEGALLY downloaded by LAW BREAKERS such as 6ame.

And a cursory search has revelaed what could be 6ame's youtube account. The hatred for women is dripping over there.

Anyway Nintendo beware - woman haters from antimisandry.com are ILLEGALLY downloading your software in order to avoid purchasing said software.


Anti Misandry said...

Of course, you meant to say "one member of antimisandry.com"? Yes? Or is will this be an admission that you lie and exagerate endlessly?

Glenn's Cult? said...

Well well well I get antimisandry themselves here visting. Can we get a big woohoo (NOT!!!!), I now need to give my blog a shower. And you really should check out your site a little more thoroughly. You have more than one idiot over there :-)

Have a nice day and DON't come back.

Anti Misandry said...

And your evidence is...?

Tell you what, I'll leave this pity fest alone, if you leave AM alone?

Sound reasonable, or do you prefer to harass?

Glenn's Cult? said...

You say pOtato, I say PotAHto. Do you REALLY want me to start digging into AM? Shouldn;t take me long. I seem to recall that I have already done or started several expose's on some of your members. Won't be difficult to find more......

Anonymous said...

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