October 25, 2009

Celtic Druid do you blindly spend thousands without research?

If you do then I can see why you are now divorced. I would NEVER purchase something or hire a person spending thousands of dollars without knowing something about the product or the person I was to hire. Let's see - I am going to the car lot, I will walk up to the first car I see and say okay I will take it. No test drive, no research on any issues this car might have, no reading of any reviews. Do you get the picture here? This is defintely an UNintelligent person speaking. But then what do we expect - coming from a site such as antimisandry.com?

Celtic Druid says:
I've read some samples of this woman's aggressive blatherings, and it's apparent she's in need of some psychiatric help. Quickly!!

Just imagine as a man you innocently stumble upon her law firm in/on the yellow pages/internet. Do you think a feminist this clearly demented is going to do everything in her power to properly represent you? Especially against a woman?

You could clearly kiss your kids goodbye in custody court, and your property and assets being stripped in divorce court - whilst she maintains a semblance of a defence on your behalf. It's bad enough going up against the opposing counsel and the usual default gynocentric judge, but this completes a totally rigged system.

Shouldn't she be forced to make some sort of disclosure that she is a radical feminist, and as such is incapable of effectively representing you, as a man, in a court of law?

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