October 10, 2009

Teri Stoddard - 'Real' Play or 'Role' Play? Part 2

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teriincali said...

All you had to do was ask. You know...ask me. You could have simply emailed me about this and I have would gladly explained. That yahoo group was done in jest because people like you were accusing the guys of being patriarchs.

You get more flies with vinegar than honey. I set out to get inside the fathers movement, and I did. I tell the truth from the inside while you lie from the outside.

Do you have the guts to publish this comment?

Glenn's Cult? said...

You didn't curse, although you were not very nice to me. Please point out how I lie? When I find out one of these so called good dads names, I research them. And I find a lot more than you do by playing their little games.

And let me add that was pretty quick. How is Danville by the way?

teriincali said...

Oops...that was supposed to be more flies with honey than vinegar.

What good is coming of this exactly? How are you helping children and parents by showing that I played a silly role-playing game online?

Why don't you use your free time to actually meet these people? Why didn't you ask to meet me instead of doing this? You've never even talked to me on the phone.

The way it looks to me, you are trying to keep the gender war alive. As long as men and women fight each other instead of the govt, the govt wins.

You see...those of us who know the truth..we know it isn't about gender. It's about the govt removing parental rights. And they do it to men and women both.

As far as the game, lighten up. Haven't you ever had any fun? It doesn't seem like it.

Glenn's Cult? said...

I will address you one comment at a time.

First - what good will come of this? Well perhaps people will see those of you in the FR movement (quite a far cry from an equal parenting movement) as what you truly are.

How will I help parents and children by showing this? Well first I hope children are not exposed to this woman hate site. As far as parents, I truly hope they research someone before spilling their guts. You do a disservice to children. It is far better to be safe than sorry when allegations of abuse are levied. Or do you hide your head in your email groups and on the examiner and ignore all of the women and children being murdered by MEN????

As far as speaking to you, I have seen enough of your damage in your little groups and on examiner to know I do not ever wish to meet you. Might happen one day - when my chidlren are old enough to age out, and then the father's rights movement will never be the same.

How can you say it is the govt? The problems I talk about are when a PROVEN protective parent (like Holly Collins) and her children are harmed by allegations of PAS/PA. These women and children are everywhere. And to say oh it is better for 10 guilty to go free than to jail one inccocent - that is CRAP!!!!! We are not talking about a simple matter like freedom - we are talking about children and their safety. And from what I see due to men like your cohorts in crime (because it is a crime when you harm children and condone domestic abuse) the stage is getting cloudy.

And as far as your SICK little game - I would NEVER particpate in something so degrading to women. And men for that matter.

Real Men Don't.......

Just remember that Teri - REAL MEN DON'T......

Or is this another little experiment like the one mentioned on rightsformothers.com? You know where it is okay for a 14 year old to molest a 4 yr old?


Or will you backpedal on said comment?

Friendofanonymum said...

Teri Stoddart is a complete suck up to the FR's bullies. We call her a FRag (Fathers Rights Hag for clarification). It is essentially a self esteem problem that sees her align with bullies and from you have exposed petunia it appears the lack of self esteem is even worde than we suspected. To be forced into such demeaning submission shows some very real character flaws, most likley as a result of some past trauma. People like Teri are so desperate for attention and recognition they will not only align with abusers but actively denigrate their own gender in an effort to be accepted. Teri is your average haggy middle aged menopausal dried up wannabe whose only source of attention the the mens rights guys who are just USING you Teri. Your crimes against women will mean your vagina will dry to such a crisp that it will crumble in one action and fill your stinky ankle socks with foul smelling dust.