October 20, 2009

Hmmmm no injury so it was not an assault and DV?

I would never defend what Monserrate did. His act of pulling Giraldo through the hallway was not appropriate behavior, even though it apparently did no injury to her.


This link is NOT clickable - I will not give those "male homo sapiens" any credit.

Ummm let me see if I have this right? This man was dragging a woman around and yanking her to and fro and because there is no injury to this woman - we are to say no harm no foul? Just be a good boy and don't do it again? Or hey how about this one - if you must do this again, then by all means make sure you are not caught on video. Yeah that one works, now how do we pass the news along? Oh I KNOW!!!!! We can just post it on GS website!!!! That works!!!! Or maybe how about SYG? How about AM? Oh any of those will work. Or maybe even The Patriarchy. Those women on there listen to us "big, strong, smarter than women" - REAL MEN!!!!! And REAL MEN can do these things.

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