October 27, 2009

Child support - 2nd wife too (IE STEPMONSTER) gets her own post

2ndwife too Says:

October 26th, 2009 at 12:37 pm
mrcustodycoach says;
"Radical thinking, I know. I often wonder why, if money is the primary beneficial factor for the children, why we don't put the kids where the money is instead and let the wage earners keep what they earn."

That just makes too much common sense.

How about the simple fact that it is greedy stepmonsters like you 2nd wife, who want all of the man's money for themselves. Or maybe you were a terrible mother to your own child and see these children as your redemption? Or maybe you cannot have your own children and you want to steal these children? Nah, I think it is pretty much you are just an extremely GREEDY person.

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