June 17, 2010

More goose and gander stuff

Seems too that HE is writing about a mother who has allegedly made false allegations against a father. If this is the case then kudos to the courts for stopping it. But does HE ever write about fathers who make false allegations against mothers? Well, gentle readers, Petunia has been reading HIS blog for nearly 3 years now (and have gone back to his posts from the very beginning) and I cannot say I have ever read a post about a MOM who has had false allegations levied against her.

Well I have been lucky enough to have spoken to a mom who is living this right now. She has asked to remain anonymous due to her children's ages and I will respect that wish. Now for some of her story (I have paraphrased much of this due to length):

I have been a victim of family courts for nearly 3 decades. I was abused as a child and thrown into CPS state courts. I was not believed even though I provided evidence that would prove the abuse happened. I was told to go home and get along with the perp.

My children and I were again victimized by the state and one of my children was murdered by state foster care workers. These workers even had the audacity to show up when the decision was made to remove the breathing tubes in order to see if my child could breathe on her own or if she was indeed brain dead. In case you missed it she could NOT breathe on her own and she subsequently died.

Fast forward to now. Again my children and I are being victimized. Not only by the state, but also by a nasty abusive MAN. He has made numerous false allegations against not only me, but friends and members of my own family as well as numerous daycare providers and school officials. The school officials are apparently too afraid when the child says daddy is mean and scary, fears of daddy hurting the child are made - BY THE CHILD, and it is all ignored. CPS has told me that if one more call is placed then this child will be gone forever.

Now I know I am not perfect, but I did learn from my mistakes. I am a wonderful mother. When the father was confronted about the latest allegation, he stated he knew it was false but he would do it again.

Oh and lets add to the mix that this father is more concerned with how much money he has to pay to the mother for child support than what the child's wises are.

Thank you Petunia and all the other abused moms out there trying to be a voice for me and my children and the many other moms and kids out there. I cannot come forward. To do so would be suicide for me as a mother to my youngest child, at least right now.

Again some of this has been condensed due to the length of this conversation. I took excellent notes and had this mom repeat some of the comments above in order to get them down correctly. I apologize right now to this mom if I quoted her incorrectly.

So now I issue this challenge:

Why do we not see any MOM who have been falsely accused on HIS blog.

{smacks upside the head in the epitome of the duh moments}

It is because how can HE support FATHERS if he supports MOTHERS! Geesh Petunia, you woulda thunk you coulda learnded that by how. Here's yer sign!!!

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