June 16, 2010

Criticism of Dowd's recent op-ed piece

Apparently Dowd has written a piece which can be found HERE concerning a fantasy sex game which was dreamed up by some school aged children. Now to say these are children would be correct if we were to look at their actual "age", but any child who has thoughts of victimizing another child or adult, should be treated as an adult. Apparently these "boys" (thought pops into my head - boys will be boys - where have we heard that one before?) thought this game would be cool. Well it was discovered before any girls could be made into unwilling or unknown participants (THANKFULLY).

I guess that is not good enough for HIM though as he must belittle Dowd and MINIMIZE this "act" of these "boys". But does he finish with just that little piece?

OH NO!!!! He must go on to criticize beauty pageants (which have financed many college degrees) and a dance competition video which went viral. Now why is it okay for these "boys" and it can be "explained" when they attempt to sexually assault a female, yet for girls who enjoy an activity (because pageants and dance are activities) it is considered sexualization? Now before I could write about this, I had to do my research. I did find a very recent Miss America pageant winner who did compete in child beauty pageants. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, winner of Miss America in #### competed in child beauty pageants, just a few years before Jon Benet competed. Now is HE going to say that Miss Xxxxxx has issues? Was she sexualized as a child? Or did she simply do something she wanted to do and have her parents support her 100% in that endeavor? Hmmmmmm, you be the judge.

Well Mister what have you to say for yourself now? A very well-adjusted adult woman competed in child beauty pageants and she did not turn out sexualized. She turned out pretty darn great if you ask me.

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