June 20, 2010

How to legally hunt and stalk your ex-wife

Well it seems the FReaks are not done with their stupidity. Now they are passing on an email group instructions on how you can legally stalk your wife and if she goes into hiding in order to be safe from your beating this is what you must do:

Don Mathis wrote:
Bio Dad (and every noncustodial father) needs to know the license plate of the custodial mother's car.
If she moves, he can find out where the car is registered.
There are many other ways to find the mom's new address.

Don, the 14%er

Hmm Don the 14%er..... Did you in fact do this with your ex-wife after she left you? I hope that she is diligent and finds this post. Should be simple since I tag everything. Only be a matter of time and it will be found. Numbnuts.....

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