June 18, 2010

Gonzeman wins MORON OF THE YEAR (possibly decade)

Gonzeman, now I know this must be difficult but geesh think you could at least type out what you want to say and read it not once, not twice, but three times? For those wondering huh? have a gander:

IF I'm ever in Florida, remind me to mind my own business, even if someone is calling for help.

Just to be clear, I called a friend who works in the Prosecutor's office of the State of Kentucky - she laughed and said that such exigent circumstances, where no flight with the child was obviously intended, would make the sheriff a laughingstock, after he was sued for false arrest.

How does it feel, Florida, to be dumber than a Redneck?

He also goes on to say this:

Criminal behavior starts with doing something wrong. Intent is needed.

And what is this is reference to you might ask? Apparently according to SYG commenter thedude0901, a 14 year old male was arrested for false imprisonment due to the fact he left a retail establishment with a younger female child. Perhaps hyper vigilance on the part of the arresting officers, probably will be thrown out due to the circumstances, who knows?

Sad point needed to be made here however is that Florida in the last few years has been a hotbed of child abduction and murder. Any parent who turns to find their child missing will naturally be more than alarmed. And according to the article on SYG, the 14 year old male is not small in fact he could pass for a young man, rather than a boy.

As for his second statement that is pretty much the logic of a 3 yr old. Most criminals in jail right now, especially those charged with crimes like murder will say - I did not mean to kill my victim.

So by Gonzeman's logic, these murderers should not be in jail? Ummm okay MOTY Gonzeman......

And this is an example of the type of man who wants equal custody?

God help our future, our children.....

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