June 27, 2010

Parental Alienation and Malicious Mom Syndrome get CBS “Flashpoint” Attention by domestic violence RO violator mkg4583 aka Mark Godbey

Well apparently mkg4583 aka Mark Godbey/multiple restraining order violator (on probation even) has seen the show Flashpoint this past weekend. I watched it also and let me tell you, he is so off base it is not even funny.

First he says the mom conspired with her boyfriend to kidnap her children. It was not just the boyfriend markie poo. Oh and it was not the cops who used the PAS and Malicious Mom, it was Mom's lawyer and Mom. And if you had watched the show - actually watched it rather than revel in your fake hypothesis being pushed forward by the clueless network ABC, you would have seen that. But you are too much into trying to show how bad all mothers are rather than accept your shortcomings - those being you are so controlling and intimidating and WHATEVER ELSE YOU ARE, that your ex had to get MULTIPLE RO's against you - AND THEN YOU VIOLATE THOSE TO THE POINT OF BEING ON PROBATION. Now we protective mothers know that for a man to get placed on probation for a violation it must be pretty severe.

Anyways missing the whole point here (see what abusers do to Petunia's brain?)... The point is not only are you deluded and misinformed, so is ABC. Of course dear ol' dad stories, especially those where dad is denied his rights will sell in the anti-mother climate that exists in the world today. And you and the other woman and mother haters will be right there to push it along.

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