June 18, 2010

Judge Lemkau, Glenn Sacks and other FReaks

Again I must say that we are making strides fellow protective parents. Even as the FReaks scramble and run, attempt to hide from the truth, it is still trickling out there.

So now I must play semantics yet again. What is the war cry for the most vocal of the FReaks out there? Say it with me - all at one time now:


Ummmmm okay then. Now to get on with this. Was Wyatt's death best for him? For his mom? How about the big brother left behind? Or the future siblings he might have had? What about the woman he might have eventually met and married? What about his children? Or his grandchildren? What about all those people whose lives he would have touched in some way? What about his extended family? What would he have grown up to be or do? Could he have had the secret to the cure for cancer or one of many debilitating diseases locked in his tiny mind waiting for him to grow up to be released? Would he have won a Nobel peace prize? Been POTUS?

Okay I think you get the point now. So where are Robert Franklin, Glenn Sacks, Ned Holstein, LK (Legally Kidnapped my ever present stalker), Terri Stoddard queen B of the purple vomit, Jen aka Biscuit Queen, Jeremy Swanson, Mark Godbey, dr e, Galt, Captain Courageous (Coward?), outdoors, Robert Gartner, DADZRITES, Monica of the Menstrual PAD fame, Trudy, Amy, Tara, Baskerville, Sue, Barbara, Bettina and all of the others?

Why don't you go to your blogs and websites, to National Examiner for the queen of the purple vomit and write about Wyatt? Why do you avoid him?

CHALLENGE you dimwits!!!!!

Write about the real victims.....

The children!!!!

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Rj said...

They only write about false allegations and pas, which is the same thing. nothing else required.