June 25, 2010

The daughter did not steal the Mary Jane, but I know who did....

Robert Franklin writes of ONE woman (yes you read that right - just ONE woman) who abused her children. We protective mothers do not say that NO mother has ever abused her children. We simlpy say that when a moher who is protective like we are, and has an abusive ex partner (or ex husband) like we do, who have been abused, like we were and are - the courts should listen and should not force shared parenting down our children's throats. That is what we are saying.

So you want to know where the "abusers getting custody" group is - Robert Franlklin king high ass kisser of glenn cult fame? Right here. We NEVER say that women do not abuse. We do however say that when women bring in stories of abuse, your groups have screamed from the rooftops for so long that it takes an act of God for the courts to believe a woman has been abused. Look at Wyatt.... Look at Darcy Freeman.... Look at Jean Paul Lacombe.... How many more do I need to put out here. Found another blog today. Two children mentioned in that one. I wish the blogger would come back and post soon. I am starting to get a little worried because there have been no posts. Lets add her Emily and John to this mix too..... Anyone else want to join ranks?

So who is stealing the Mary Jane now? I have my own opinion about that one and it should not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out now should it?

Oh and Robert Franklin should you care to do so, you can go look at Dastardly Dads and see literally hundreds of stories of dads killing their children every day. Last count in just this last year we were up to over 80 fathers who killed their chidlren de to custody disputes with the mother - the old if I can't have them nobody will adage.

Why don't you write about that one RF? Or are you like we are - we miss many of these stories due to the sheer volume of men killing their children, men killing their wives, men killing their girlfriends, men killing just about anyone who stands in the way of his property (children, wife, girlfriend). Now when you get this through your thick skulls over there at glenn sucks (oppps glennsacks) dot com, the world might be a better place. Shared parenting does not work with an abuser. And trotting out the occasional story of the bad mom will not make up for the sheer volume of dastardly dads out there who are intent on hurting and even killing everyone who ever cared about him.

So put that in the Mary Jane pipe and smoke it.....

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