June 22, 2010

More evidence of where the FReaks priorities lie (not with the child - in case you thought otherwise)

Accordingly, I've 'lost' my case and I had the privilege of paying $1000 to her local lawyer, beside paying some $2500 to my jerk of a lawyer.

That's when I quit my well-paying job; I've figured that as long as I have money, they're going to do their best to detach as much of it off me as they can. After that nobody harrassed me...


Now what is neoteny saying here? Apparently he lost a case in family court and now to punish those who want to do best for the children he has quit his job. There that will show that bitch - she will get nothing from me. The kids you say? Ahhhh who cares - they will be fine and one day they will understand why they had to get their clothes from a second hand store and why they could not enroll in sports or go to after school activities, maybe this will explain to them when they are teens why they had to get an afterschool job in order to finance any extras they want - who cares if my ex has to have two jobs in order to support these kids. She should NOT have disobeyed me. The little bitch will learn her lesson now..... won't she?

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