December 3, 2009

How was court Markie poo?

Yet again Mark Godbey LIES his way through to his readers. He states:

Of course, for children’s and family advocates, the tactics of the hate-speech encouraged by Anonymums, is well-known. Most of the followers of these hate-sites are women that lost their children because of false allegations of abuse. Instead of placing these women in jail, most were placed on supervised visitations because of flight risk to the children.

I hate to break it to you numb nutz, but I am (I shoudl say WAS) a follower of Anonymums. I still respect her work even though she has passed. And I do have custody of my children. In fact my numb nutz ex husband is facing the very real possibility of jail due to his own stupidity.

And while we are at it numb nutz, why don't you blog about all those poor poor little children whose MOMS did TRY to SHARE parenting with the ABUSER DADS, only to have these same ABUSER DADS KILL mom, kids, family, neighbors, total strangers. Why not discuss the wonderful 3 hour (oops 2 day) Gulf Of Mexico tour that one of these dads took? Or how about the winderful (NOT!!!!) dad who threw his baby downstairs?

Or better yet? Why don't we get into your court file again and share with the viewers out there just what a loser you appear to be?

Oh and to be very clear on this, I have never had to be supervised with my child. Her father on the other hand has. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.