November 19, 2010

MTV DV mom Portwood and Marx's stupidity in ASS U ME'ing

Let's see now:

Police in Anderson, Ind., have officially charged "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood with two felonies and one misdemeanor for domestic battery.

Excellent - it's about time women who use violence are actually highlighted as being violent - instead of the usual attempts to marginalize women's violence. So seeing 'domestic battery' (even though I thought it was domestic assault - not battery?) in there is definitely a step forward towards true equality, not this selective equality that feminists keep pushing for.

However, this is the disturbing part:

During a September episode of season two of the MTV hit show, Portwood was seen repeatedly slapping, punching and kicking her then-fiance, Gary Shirley. Police said that Portwood is facing felony charges because Portwood and Shirley's young daughter, Leah, was present when the alleged violence occurred.

Whoa... now, hold on - am I correct in understanding that she is facing a felony purely on the basis that their (not just hers) daughter was present and thus witnessed it - and NOT because she was abusing her then-fiancé?

This seems to suggest that it's perfectly acceptable to abuse men - so long as you do it quietly away from the children...

Screen shot below (and of course my commentary below that):

Well Marx do you understand that in most states Domestic Violence is a misdemeanor and it is only if a child is present (whether it is your child or someone else's child) that it becomes a felony? Well guess you know now dipshit. So much for females being the favored sex. If you assault a stranger you will be charged with a more serious crime than if you assault your wife or husband.

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