November 14, 2010

Even more on Teri Stoddard

Now I promised you some more on Teri and I do deliver. Sometimes I deliver in a better late than never fashion, but I do deliver. I will also continue to report on this issue.

First she writes this on Facebook:

Tenn's case has been publicized enough Teri. There was NO kidnapping, only a mother who was granted permission to leave an abusive relationship. At last count per publicized documents, Tenn was not allowed to go near the mother. Why do you only publish half truths?

Then we have this one:

A Facebook user has asked for support for AWN (Autism Women's Network) and Teri automatically Ass U Me's that this is another "gender" feminist group. And rather than apologize for Ass U Me'ing she simply ignores and thinks a simple "Thanks for explaining" should suffice. But lordy lordy if you dare to be critical of any men's movement, you should be hung. Or in the case of my previous post and doing this on her little Gestapo group on Yahoo, you get banned.

Now Teri moves on to Dr. Phil and his alleged ignorance of the issues. Dr. Phil is actually coming close to "getting it" sad to say. Sad that it took so long for him to get it.

Here she says she fears Dr. Phil's gender bias? I have rarely if ever seen Dr. Phil promote gender bias, except in cases where he tries to promote fatherhood, even when it should not be promoted (in cases of severe abuse). Thankfully he is starting to see that the women/mothers are not lying. And how did that come about? By listening to the grown child victims of PAS/PA/PAD/HAP diagnosis. Thank you Jennifer Collins for your work in this area. I must add I am sorry you and your brother had to endure the torture at the abuser's hands, but may I say I am extremely proud of you for coming through to the other side.

Now she fears CJE (Center For Judicial Excellence)? Why do you fear them Teri? Maybe it is because they can expose the lies of the fatherhood movement for the lies they are?

One last note before I move on to bigger fish. Moms who are undergoing systematic and vicious torture, we mus unite. This much Teri writes is true. We must unite and fight this fight for our children. We must keep them safe from harm since the system refuses to protect them.

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