November 30, 2010

RICH!!! Biscuit Queen and Birth Control

I have only one thing to say before posting the picture and text below.

Biscuit Queen - how about the fact that the WOMAN gets pregnant, the WOMAN'S body changes over the course of 9 months (give or take), the WOMAN is the one risking HER life to give birth to the child. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES? I AM SO EXTREMELY DISGUSTED THAT THIS CLAPTRAP IS COMING FROM A WOMAN. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NEVER GIVEN BIRTH OR YOU MUST REALLY THINK MEN ARE SUPERIOR.

It is not the man who will undergo changes during the 9 months of pregnancy and the lifetime afterward (her physical changes - not the fact she is now a mother). Pregnancy and childbirth change a woman and is hard on HER body.


Why is everything the responsibility of the woman? Why should she have to worry whether he has birth control or not. By the very act of consenting to have sex with anyone you are saying you know pregnancy can result. If you don;t want that don't do it.

Even if he did walk away, how is that any different than the mother putting the child up for adoption??

There needs to be a way for men to fairly have the right women already have, which is deciding not to become a parent between conception and birth. The "old keep your pants on" is not an answer, nor is the "use birth control"; if these are not good reasons to stop abortion or adoption by women, it should not be used to shame men. I am so tired of these double standards.

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