November 15, 2010

Update on Rene Netherton and her actions

Well censorship is the name of the game today. First Huffington Post and now Facebook. They will allow abusers free reign, they post ads from pedophile loving Amazon, but when a lawyer threatens to expose a victim of violence, how does Facebook respond? Well I will tell you how. They shut the page down tighter than a drum. They do not even allow anyone to save the information, just BAM! Don't believe Petunia? Well "R" sent me this screen shot from when she signed in today.

I suggested to "R" that she contact the Kansas State Bar and file a complaint as a concerned citizen (Petunia would but sadly I am of the porkine variety and not homo sapien variety so they would not take my complaint). I suggest that my readers do the same. Print out all the screen shots available here, write a very simple letter saying how disgusted you are that a lawyer can create the filth that has been created by this "woman" (and I use that term VERY loosely) and let them know you want to file a complaint.

I caution you however, if you are a battered or formerly battered mother and are not in a safe place to be able to do this, then please consider your own safety first. I am sure Claudine would much rather you be safe than have this lawyer disbarred. There are plenty of us out there. We should be able to get enough to file complaints. If you can do this though, I urge you to act quickly!

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