November 30, 2010

Teri Stoddard and self reporting staticstics

Now if this were not extremely rich I would be rolling on the floor. And let me tell you, the sight of Mz Pigg rolling on the floor is one to behold. Or so I have been told. Now on to the gist of this post. It seems (from my informant) that Teri is now claiming that women are MORE abusive than men. Any other time it was "AS" abusive as men. Guess you had to up the ante huh Teri? It did not serve YOUR purpose to say as violent, now women must be MORE violent? And people wonder why I have informants (and you cannot chase all of them away Scary Teri) to INFORM me of what is happening in the FReak and FRag world. It is like the Twilight Zone but for SCARY people. You fit in real well Scary Teri.

And it seems that Scary is extremely proud of the fact that she is self-reporting her own stats about how abusive widdle ol' women folk truly are. Scary news flash..... you are a woman too. Well you APPEAR to be a woman. After looking at that nasty foot shot in the DC fountain, one has to truly wonder :-)

On to the screen shot (Thanks A). I have even made it super convenient so you can simply close out the picture and keep this open for commenting.

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