November 30, 2010

NewsFlash Quentin0352

Little newsflash for ya Quentin. I saw the post you are discussing on SYG. I am not - REPEAT NOT - the person posting as AbuseVictim. You see I WAS an abused woman, but am no longer abused as I do not ALLOW my abuser that type of control. I am however, an ABUSE SURVIVOR. So get it straight okay? You guys have one track minds. We are anonymums. We are everywhere. And we WILL expose hatred to women any time it is brought to our attention. And that is we as in PLURAL - MORE THAN ONE If I was going to post anywhere I have a name. It is Mz Petunia Pigg. I would use that name and no other. I want all of you to know when I have been somewhere.

Another point you seem to miss is that in your minds it is completely okay for all of you to troll on feminist and protective mother blogs and post our articles on SYG and comment on them when it suits you, but when a woman (god forbid) does the same to you, it is stalking?

Rich, real rich. Get a clue and get a life dude. This is a hobby for me. I have a life. Just look at my posting history compared to yours. That speaks volumes right there.

And if it will make you feel better I will start on your comments and leave poor widdle BQ alone. Plenty of material from your posts to last me several lifetimes dude. Probably be more amusing for my readers also.

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