November 19, 2010

More on the Stand Your Ground debate

I find this most amusing. They have a website which is for the most part public. They publish many statements that could and do upset people. And then they have the audacity to be angry when they are called on it? Hmmm that makes logical sense to me.

So to carry on with the Biscuit Queen/SYG/Teri Stoddard/Patriarchy and other items post this is where we are.

I never knew this but they have another entire post dedicated to little ol' me. Just a poor widdle piggy trying to highlight abuse. This post is all about how awful I am. Okay........................

First I have never said that all women are good and all men are evil. That would be kind of defeating our purpose wouldn't you say? I have ever (and will stand by it) that in considering amount of time spent with children, that men are and always will be more prone to abusing children than women. I would like for you to point out exactly where I said men are evil, women are good (all of them). Duh you cannot.

Now Captain Courageous is coming to the rescue. he seems to think he knows who I am. Hahahahahahaha not even close fool.

Poor poor widdle Johm Dias. Wrong again. You fools, keep trying.

And if I was a lesbian what is wrong with that Quentin Durrstein? I am not but that is beside the point. Who cares if I am or not? I am however all about exposing all of the MRA's stupidity in all of its finest glory.

How do I edit your posts? When I post screen shots and links (I quit that however because most of my readers feel safe here and can keep up to date on the stupid MRA movement). I also do not "edit" any of your comments on here. If I don't like the post it will hit file 13. This is my blog and you will all follow my rules when you come here. If you do not you will not be commenting here. I will not trigger abused women and children with your foolish statements.

Oh and John you can quit your whining, you are here now.

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