November 14, 2010

More on Teri Stoddard

Now this has become simply amusing. Teri thinks she is getting one over on Petunia by blocking me and all the poor people who joined her little email group, and in doing so she is keeping me from reporting on her. Teri we are everywhere. Get over yourself. I only post on you because you leave yourself wide open for it. Besides it amuses my readers as well. So with that said let's move on to some of the lighter stuff in this post and then we will get on with the serious (hurtful and hateful to protective mothers and others) in a second and possibly third post.

Now Teri has advertised everywhere that she is a former foster parent, daycare provider, and now lists on Facebook that she operates a Nanny service. As a parent, I would be mortified to send my child into a home where she has 3 elderly cats and one dog who continually urinate everywhere. So much so that she is considering banishing the cats to a laundry room and purchasing a doggy diaper to stop the dog. How about this as a solution Teri? Get your butt off of the computer and take care of your animals. Cats who have these issues require medical attention. Or you might be using a litter that is creating sensitivities in them. As far as the dog, maybe you should not have taken on such responsibilities since you are so busy with all of your little "projects".

Now for the second issue (which is amusing and sad at the same time).

Teri has taken over the running of a very old Single Parents Group on Yahoo. It was on Onelist before Yahoo Groups days and at that time she had just joined. Somehow (although the posts on the group do not show how or when) Teri managed to take over as owner of the group. She now runs this little group as her own Gestapo. Do not disagree with her or you get sent to the corner. Do not state an opinion (unless you agree with Teri) or you get removed. Do not post any news article unless it shows how bad moms and women are. Again you get sent to the corner or put on moderation. Fathers are allowed to post multiple stories on how bad women/moms are, but when a single mom complains about her ex (not every man in the world - just her ex), said mom gets called on the carpet. Have you ever wondered Teri why you only get 50-75 posts per week with a member list of over 7000?

Do you really think Claudine has made ALL of these blogs Teri? Really? Really? On that note, Claudine you must tell me how you manage to do all of these blogs (at last count there were hundreds of them, including this one), alleging be mentally ill, do all of the protests you do, sit down for long media interviews regarding your abuse, and still manage to have time for yourself? You have a secret and I want it. Oh yeah I forgot, Teri think Claudine created this blog also, so it is a no-brainer, there is no asking Claudine for advice on how to stretch my days, since I am Claudine. Did you all follow that? I think I confused myself with it all, how about you?

One last item before we move on:

Now poor Teri wants everyone to stop picking on her because she is just oh so sensitive. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, Teri.

Okay enough with the fun stuff, now on to more serious and extreme hate issues.

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