July 30, 2009

We might get the makings for an omelette very soon

It seems that "certain" mens rights bloggers have egg on their face. Not once but twice in as many days. First as mentioned on this awesome blog "Rights For Mothers" HERE, this MRA/FR blogger also had posted (quite prematurely in fact) that the wife of boxer Arturro Gatti had been charged with his murder. Now it seems to me, that maybe just maybe, this "certain" MRA/FR blogger should really wait before spouting off...... Or he could continue typing and give us the onions, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers for some really decent omelettes. Wonder which he will choose?

I sure would much rather see the veggies, eggs than the pants down as suggested above :-) That is a scary thought......


Friendofanonymum said...

Ballsacks says there was "mutual" Domestic Violence and yet the news reports all state that he was the abuser.
More egg on Ballsacks face!!

Cold North Wind said...

By all means let's wait for the rest of the makings- I rather like omelettes- the more ingredients, the better ! I think we may have a decent omelette !