July 24, 2009

Do you want to borrow my calculator RF?

Are you sure you do not need to borrow my calculator to help you "do the math?" I have several extras laying around, I can send one to you. Seriously....

Okay readers, before you think Petunia is completely off her rocker (well the MRA's already think I am lol) this is why I ask that question of dear Bobby. It seems he cannot "do math."

He says that w well to do woman who makes £50,000 a year will get £8,000, whereas a woman who makes £12,000 will only receive £4,500. Okay as pointed out by several of GS readers, the math does not fly on this one. Are all women supposed to receive the same benefit for having a child? Is there no reward for having a high earner job/career? The math works out to the high wage earner receiving approximately 16 percent of her wages in benefits, the low wage earner will receive 37.5 percent of her earners. Well looks to me like the math does not add up, the low wage earner will receive almost half where the high earner will receieve close to one fourth. Seems someone needs to start using a calculator rather than their fingers and toes. Maybe then the math would add up better. <smiles>

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