July 24, 2009

I guess you do not need to be a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist to make up a medical term

Yep folks you heard that right. Straight from Attila's mouth!!! We have what is alleged to be the origination of HAP (lesser known sibling of PAS/PA). HAP for those wondering is short for Hostile Aggressive Parenting. PAS is dying a not quick enough slow death, and we have all these quacks jumping in with "new" terms, terms that are basically the same thing. The best one to day is Malicious Mother Syndrome. But hey, at least with this one they (meaning FR/MRA's) are COMPLETELY honest about their motives. They feel it is all about the mothers and it is all the mothers fault these divorces are happening, and if only the mother would ... (fill in the blank).

Well Petunia has a doctorate in life (just ask anyone who knows her), so I have decided to make my own syndrome.

Frothing Father's Syndrome.....

This is evidenced by a woman who has filed a restraining order for abuse against the man. The man then loudly proclaims his innocence to all, eventually taking his case to the internet. It is also evidenced by those men who are not divorced, but who perpetuate the myth of the denied father. There have been several worst case scenarios out there. Those who create a website going to the extreme of saying the wife stole the kids and more. The men (and sometimes misguided women) who suffer from FFS will frequent men's blogs and forums. They will dress up like superheros and even climb cranes or bridges in order to call attention to their plight.

Some of the lesser problems of this syndrome also include prolonged litigation over issues that have been resolved, the rerfusal to pay child support 0 even to the extent of going to jail for the principle of non-payment (citing slavery, debtor's prisons, etc). There are so many aspects of this syndrome/disease that Petunia has determined that a cure is not possible. Medication will not solve this issue. Therapy never works. Petunia is seeking sponsors for inclusion of this in the DSM. As we all learned from PAS and now HAP and MMS, peer review is NOT required. I simply have to publish this pften enough and it will be taken at face value.

WHAT? You mean that there is no such thing? Say it isn't so!!!!

Anyway, read Attila's words of wisdom for more information on the "creation" of HAP:

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

July 23rd, 2009 at 3:03 pm
Thank you Bat Girl for pointing Lacy and others to an excellent web site at:http://www.paawareness.org/ .

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that it was Vernon Beck, founder of www.CanadaCourtWatch.com and www.familyservices.com who coined the term HAP, Hostile Aggressive Parenting that can be found on his site free of charge here,
http://www.familyconflictservices.com/General1/RecommendationsHostile-AggressiveParenting.pdf . Ms. Sarvy Emo, founder of PAAO built on Vern’s original material about HAP.

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