July 20, 2009

I am now bored with Quentie

It is interesting that she spent all that time "researching" me and never found anything of interest that she could attack. I did ask her why she was taking so long and pointed out she has a serious problem with claiming many yhings by men are control items yet she refused a reasonable post with independent research and attacked me for questioning why she didn't allow it therefore using the exact same kinds of control she complains about all over her blog.

I found many interesting things about you Quentie. I simply am bored with you now since you are like so many of the other MRA's. You were "falsely" (cough gag snort puke) accused of abuse in one form or another, you have spent your life making sure that this is removed from your record, and when it was not you simply joined up with other "allegedly" falsely accused men who are ordered to pay support. You do everything in your power to take children away from a perfectly fit mother and when you cannot, you make her unfit with your schemes and court actions. I have seen your dockets (yes plural, there was more than one). I feel for your ex-wife, and more importantly I feel for your kids. What will your daughter do when her friends come to her and say, hey I saw you dressed up as Batgirl? But "loving" fathers like you don't think that far ahead.

So talk about me all you want Quentie...It hurts me NONE. I lived with someone just like YOU. I was married to someone just like YOU. I have not visited SYG or any of those men's websites in weeks. Why do you come visit me every day? I should also ask Attila that question as well. What is it that I do that "bothers" you so much?

I won't hold my breath waiting for that little tidbit....

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