April 27, 2009

Mike Lordi on DV

Mike Lordi Says:

April 27th, 2009 at 7:45 am
In addition, we should also send letters to ABC about last nights "HOme Makeover". The mother of the family works with a domestic violence group since her daughter was killed by her boyfriend. So the team decides to raise awareness of DV and sets up a demonstration which included cutouts of people who had been killed by DV. There was 7-10 wooden cutouts with names on them, all women. So in all of Alabama there wasn't ONE victim of DV that was male?

We MUST make sure that no victim has a voice, no child is allowed to tell of trauma. Men must be allowed to return (RETURN?!?!?!!?!?!?) to their reigns of all-knowing and all-powerful. A man is the king and all others must follow HIM!!!

Oh puke gag, puke gag.........Mike, do a search for "Alabama domestic violence murder victim." The only time a male is mentioned in the first 10 pages is when he is the perp or he is a dv worker assisting the family of the murder victim. In all of those pages, there were no mentions made of a male murder victim through dv.

(Mike's crybaby response) But the media doesn't mention those men, they live in a dreamland where only women are victims.

(Petunia) Well Mike that could simply be because men are more violent than women and cause more damage. Men use guns, knnives, fists. When you read of the odd case of a woman who truly was commiting dv, it is an anomoly. Women are violent generally (you see I used the word generally not "all the time" here) in response to violence. They are being abused, their children are alleged to have been abused. Generally women do not "beat" a man if he does not "do" what she wants. Unless you call keeping HIS hands to HIMSELF doing what she wants.

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