April 27, 2009

Phil Leigh must need new reading lessons

In his comments on balls websites he states this:

Phil Leigh Says:

April 26th, 2009 at 3:27 pm
One annoying irony is that it remains politically correct to teach that girls mature faster than boys. Yet when boys do wrong they are invariably punished more severely than girls even though girls should have better judgment owing to their (presumed) more rapid maturity.

Actually Phil, maturity is based on several criteria. Emotional and psychological maturity are not identical across the board. This is why you can have a group of 15 year olds and all will be at different levels of maturity (physical, mental and emotional). Some of these 15 year olds are responsible enough to be left to care for younger chidlren. Others quite frankly are not. You also have differing levels of physicall maturity with several factors deciding on when a child will reach complete maturity. It has also been shown that boys mature quicker than girls on a physical level. You also have varying degrees of that also.

One simply cannot base anything on a blanket statement. This is why many so-called "feminists" have an issue with the MRA/FR type. On nearly every forum/blog/message board available to the MRA you see blanket misogyny. This is yet another case of - oh I was screwed over by one woman, so all women are bad, even female children are bad; men are good, there are no bad men, and boys are good since they have an appendage hanging between their legs and are by virtue - male.

There are bad men, there are bad women, sadly society is comprised of individuals who are less than perfect. We rely on some of these less than perfect individuals to mete out punishment for crimes. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't.

So Phil, next time why don't you think before you post in the future. To make such blanket statements does not bode well for your cause.

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