April 27, 2009

John M on Blackmail

John M Says:

April 27th, 2009 at 10:52 am
BTW, what exactly do we know about this Mr. Durham? No man's closet is so clean that it doesn't have a few skeletons in it.

Now the MRA's are behaving normally :-) What fun would we have if we did not stopp to a good ol' fashioned blackmailing or extortion? I can see the headlines now. John M (or insert name here) - Blackmail and Extortion. (Article) It seems dear John is angry about child support. And he wants the world to know it. Lifetime in an effort to show how the system routinely fails chidlren by not being able to receive the child support due them, has run with the show Deadbeat Dads. John, however feels this is an insult to all men as they are NOT deadbeats. Enter the Internet and blackmail/extortion.

Now you, gentle reader may finish the article.....

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