April 10, 2009

gwallan tells it all.....

gwallan says:
I've been reliably informed that New Friend was banned by Glenn Sacks due to persistant personal abuse. Glenn was quite happy to give her an opportunity but her use of a fraudulent email address prevented any negotiation toward that end.

Posted On: Tuesday, Dec. 2 2008 @ 9:30PM

You may access this by clicking here. gwallan lets the world know that the reason for my being banned from Sacks' site is due to personal abuse? Where oh where did I personally abuse anyone? I can name hundreds of instances where "I" was personally abused by his cult followers and "I" reacted in kind, but to say I initiated personal attacks and abuse is....well....typical.....

gwallan says:
Yes new Friend. We understand your paranoia and narcissism. You have our sympathy.

Glenn Sacks has tried to communicate with you over your personal attacks. You made that impossible.

I quote from Glenn...
"New Friend" was banned because she repeatedly violated rule # 1 of My Rules on Blog Comments prohibiting "Personal attacks." Normally when someone violates the rules I send them a note explaining what the violation was. If they continue over and over again, I'll ban them, but usually not until they've had several chances. Because "New Friend" refused to leave a valid email address, I had no way of communicating with her after she violated the rules, so eventually I banned her. She could come back if she wants, but only with a valid email address."

I must also point out that I did come back, provided a "valid" email address (an email address that I created, I use, and nobody else has access to this email address, and not only was I banned, but all of my posts were also removed. How is that for double standards? Petunia already has her opinion...set in stone also I might add. What is your opinion gentle readers?

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