April 1, 2009

Make up your minds.............PLEASE

So pjk, explain to me if these children are not puppets on a string, then how is it mothers have sooooooooooo much control according to the little cult you follow and are able to turn these supposed puppets into mindless little robots who will only spout - I don't want to see daddy, daddy is mean, daddy hurts me (or my brother, or my sister...)? So which is it pjk?

The DUHnce goes to this one!!

pjk Says:

March 31st, 2009 at 3:24 pm
re: Um, guys. This is painfully obvious that the parents are at fault here. Any child acting like that does not do so for no reason. She was definitely poorly raised.

...I disagree. It is possible, probably likely, that the parents did absolutely nothing to cause this kind of behavior in the child. Children aren't like puppets on strings - they are under their own control.......

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Expose The Truth said...

pjk sounds like he doesn't believe in the usual male excuse for "my kids can't stand me" (MKCSM)Parental alienation Syndrome Watch out the FRA's will tie him up to a tree and throw eggs at him.