April 27, 2009

Kudos yet again to Georgia Girl!!! (or Getting it right in PAS cases)

Georgia Girl Says:

April 25th, 2009 at 9:14 pm
I have no doubt that PAS is a real condition of alienation, but not in the context JeanB speaks. I firmly believe the the girlfriend or boyfriend in a divorced spouse's life has no business trying to intervene with the "children" of that spouse.

It is the spouse's responsibility to negotiate with both his ex-wife and with his children. And in jeanb's case, the father of the children was NOT the one who took the initiative. To me, this kind of generosity coming from the new girlfriend would only serve to aggravate the ex-wife (trying to put myself in the shoes of the ex-wife).

It's curious, also, that in this particular case, the father waited until they were college age before taking "action" to involve himself in his daughters' lives. Something sounds skewed here.

Georgia Girl if you read other comments from jeanb you will see that her boyfriend is what one commonly refers to as a deadbeat dad. They have even taken steps to ensure that the state cannot come after him (putting everything in her name). I wonder if when they file taxes does he file or does he ignore that little law too? You see in MRA world, we must do everything to ensure that little court order called child support is never followed.

Oh and step two in the MRA handbook? Make sure that everyone sees how BADLY the father has been alienated from HIS chidlren. Do not allow anyone to see if the FATHER may have actually done anything to turn the children against him on his own. You see yet again women are all powerful and we control the world (okay who is on drugs now).....

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