April 27, 2009

Women's default rate on child support

Mister-M Says:

April 27th, 2009 at 7:31 am
Maybe in our letters... we can also point out that as a gender, women TOTALLY DEFAULT on their child support obligations (and partially default) at a significantly greater percentage than do men.

It's almost 2-to-1.

I wonder if they'll be tracking down any deadbeat moms?

Mister-M, again you MRA's are confused....How do women "TOTALLY" default on their child support obligations? This is suggesting that EVERY woman ignores chidl support. A handful of MRA's on a website with sob stories on how they have been wronged by family court do not lead and cannot lead to that assumption. Women default due to lower earning capacities compared to men who have typically been in the workforce longer. Women are typically in and out of the workforce. Men typically work more dangerous jobs, whereas women are your service workers who are "safe" and as such are paid less, which will lead to a higher default rate. Also you have fewer moms who are required to pay child support and as such simple mathematics rule here. You have a group of one million men and a default rate of 10% that is 100,000. If you have a group of mothers required to pay support again it is always smaller so the percentages will be larger even if the amount is smaller. This is also the theory behind why more moms are found to be abusive or neglectful of their children using MRA quoted statistics. Again sheer numbers of women who are responsible for the care of children and the amount of time for each parent in their periods of responsibility will increase these stats.

I know several women who are paid up and ahead in their obligations. I also know many women who are "homeless" due to child support and due to the man lying about his income in order to get more support. I also know many men who default on their support, I know many who are responsible and I know quite a few who fall somewhere in the middle. I know one man who, even when faced with a court order to have the support deducted from his weekly paycheck, the custodial mother is lucky to see a payment once a month. It is only until this woman files court papers that payments start rolling in. I also know this women is doing everything in her power to obtain better employment so she does not have to rely on the child support, this money can in fact be used for extras for the child. This woman in fact has increased her income by more than 4 dollars an hour in the last 3 years. She has bettered her employment so the hours are more suitable for the child and herself, she has bettered her working conditions to a point. She also attends school so she can increase her earning potential which was cut short due to her abusive and controlling spouse, (no wife of mine will work, she needs to serve me - me Tarzan, you Jane). Sadly, the children involved in this family sees the mother's steps to better herself, and they also see the father's continued degridation of the mother. Who do you think will "win" in this situation?

Nobody.....but the mother will no longer have to rely on a man to provide for her.

Oh and Mister-M why don't you share these statistics? I am sure that they can be debuked just as MRA statistics on intimate partner violence (those stats using the Conflict Tactic Scales) have been.

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Rj said...

I am just figuring out, upon reading this, that all MRA arguments are weak. Are they even capable of sound research and critique?