August 18, 2010

Bogus Facts and Bogus Arguments?

So why is it that the anti-dad crowd pretends that the rare instances in which fathers injure their children support the proposition that, as a matter of public policy, fathers generally should be suspect and fathers' parental rights truncated? Mothers injure more and, as the cases mentioned illustrate, every bit as brutally as the worst father.

and this as well:

It's long past time that we stopped using bogus facts and bogus arguments to continue to separate children from the fathers who love them.

I only have one comment for the statement above about bogus facts and bogus arguments:

Well Sacks, we are waiting!!!! When are YOU going to stop using bogis facts and misleading YOUR readers about the goings on of F&F? On Rights For Mothers, there was an article dated August 11th entitled "California Call To Action - Give Children a Voice in Court:

Looks like Glenn Sacks is wrong again. This is from the Center from Judicial Excellence (CJE), who is also helping parents, including father Jayraj Nair, in their criminal complaints against corrupt California custody evaluator Janelle Burrill, in a fashion similar to how AB 2475, which Fathers & Families claims is dead (it’s not), will help all parents get relief from such corrupt, biased individuals. {Read More}

I could also copy and paste every single story at Dastardly Dads but with nearly 3500 articles, that is simply not feasible. Not many of those articles are duplicate "dastardly dads" and you will find several from history databases. Wow! Dads have been killing the kids for this many years and we never knew? Nah, we knew but we are ignored.

Now it is time to ignore the purveyor of "bogus facts" and "bogus arguments" before our children are wiped off the face of the earth. Just watch this little video clip to get an understanding of why moms are as a rule - protective, and dads simply are not (again as a rule).

Dumbo's mom (who has no name) is locked away for simply wanting to protect her child. Are we going to outlaw motherhood as many of the FReaks and FRags would like? Stop outlawing motherhood and return children to their natural parent - the mother.

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