January 7, 2010

More on Steele - the "artist" and "author"

Okay so now if anyone who cares has been following this you can see that from my blog that Steele was arrested for spray painting all over the side of the courthouse building - "Steele Boys Rights Denide" (spelling error HIS) in Boston. The fathers rights movement is up in arms to protect their poor abused comrade in arms. First let's check out The Examiner and what is being said over there:
It seems Steele's wife wanted him to bring in most of the family income so she could continue to enjoy the stay-at-home parent lifestyle. Was that fair? Equal parenting adocates ask, "Shouldn't marriage be about give and take, compromise, co-parenting? Why couldn't Steele be the stay-at-home parent while he worked on his writing career?" One wonders what exactly prevented Mrs. Steele from stepping up and using her education to benefit her family.

I posted earlier why Mrs. Steele was staying home. They had two chidlren who were considered special needs children and Mr. Steele by all court records and accounts of those present at the court hearing was incapable and unwilling to accept that fact. (posted here).

Then we move onto the actual men involved in this thing and that is where it gets scary and amusing.

Part 1:

Judge Dineen decided to release Steele on Jan 12 pending receipt of $2800 in restitution being sent by his mother. There will be no probation either. Steele's case wasn't heard until about 10:20 and was moved ahead because there were four of us there support of Steele. As I witnessed Dineen's handling of the cases before his court, it struck me that he was a fair and compassionate judge. He proved that with his decision in the Steele case.

Now let's look at this statement. First Steele's MOTHER has to pay for his transgessions. Isn't that classic? Then there is no probation? I wonder if Joe Blow spray painting the courthouse would have been so lucky? Another instance of fathers being given every chance in the world to step up to the plate. And of course you have the ever present bloated heads of those who showed up (all FOUR of them) who truly believe that they influenced the court to move up Steele's hearing. Petunia thinks is it much more likely that the judge wanted these guys gone but hey I am no mind reader. Too bad these men claim to be just that.

We then move on to the scary here:

They had to get him out easy. If there was a trial, we could easily prove the abuse and criminal conduct of that court system. We could have supplied hundreds of victims of that corrupt court. I wonder if the state knew about us wanting to support this guy. I've always said it will take some kind of physical attack and subsequent trial to break up their RICO. I'm surprised they even want him to pay restitution. If he had conviction (balls), he would say no deal and force a trial against the state. It took a shooting of a judge to change things in Nevada.

Now does anyone see anything wrong with this?!?!?!?!?!? Is this person actually suggesting and condoning violence against others? And to clarify - the shooting of a judge also entailed the MURDER of the shooter's wife who was in the process of divorcing him. This person (the shooter) had joint custody. So much for the theory that joint custody solves everything.

You can even do a search for him and see so many misguided individuals who are actually defending him. If he had stuck around, if he had not ignored his son's special needs, if he had not decided on a whim to be a writer when he has 4 children to support, if, if, if, if, we could go on with the "ifs" all night. Fact of the matter is, the divorce judge was presented with the details of this case. She decided his divorce on the merits that both parties presented. If Steele was unhappy about the decision there are appeals and other LEGAL measuers he could have pursued. But the fact remains he did none of this and instead chose to become a martyr. Thankfully by the comments on the news articles he is not fooling everyone. Maybe there is hope yet.


Rj said...

I think this should be sent to the judge.

Glenn's Cult? said...

lujlp will not have his comments posted on my blog - back pedaling does no good with me - you are VERY clear on your stand as far as women go and especially to those women who are victims of domestic violence. I will however continue to feature the comments made by those on that website and others.

Don't think this is the only place I have seen you - I am EVERYWHERE - NO GROUP, FORUM, OR BLOG IS SAFE. In fact WE are everywhere.