January 2, 2010

hmmm a new commenter on HIS website?

John McLaughlin Says:

January 1st, 2010 at 11:44 pm
A major issue is not only does the media not think DV against men a big deal, neither do a lot of men themselves. For example, when Jasper was asked about the Elin and Tiger situation he stated, "make next time she should use a driver rather than a nine-iron". These statements run over and over on the media and it seems that even men believe DV against men is okay. When in fact, violence against men, women or whomever is never okay.

Now take this situation a step further into family court on the following business day. I guarantee there would be restraining orders and supervised visitation issues against the man, or even in the Tiger situation. This is why it is critical to not mess around when these allegations are made.

Take them seriously becuase they can affect your life in many respects. Make sure you find a good attorney who gets it, and will bring the right people together to prove or disprove whatever happened as quickly as possible. Make no mistake, these allegations are costly no matter how you slice it. Protecting yourself from the beginning, don't think the situation will just go away, because it won't. This applies to any victim of abuse and violence, male or female. Being a male only makes it more difficult because there are too many assumptions made from the beginning.

Let me know if I can assist.

John McLaughlin

Let's look at this comment piece by piece. John discusses the need for restraining orders and counseling and evaluations. Since he is posting on a male support forum (well actually it is a bash-females-who-are-uotspoken-and-do-not-agree-wth-us-males board but hey who wants to split hairs at this point). Going to their website one must wonder if this person posting is actually supportive of a female dv victim. This could very well be another example of the court personnel who muts be paid and then there is no guarantee of safety for the victims. Or do they truly do an un-biased eval?

It appears this poster is already biased against women and for men in his last sentence: "Being a male only makes it more difficult because there are too many assumptions made from the beginning." What does that mean? IMO (and again we live in 2010 and in a country where opinions are allowed by all - even women - sorry guys you can't shut us up) this tells me that a man who has been accused of dv should contact John asap after allegations are levied - even the main picture says it all - he said she said. How do you men think dv has been deemed a dirty little secret? Even in my own case (which thankfully is much better now than it was say 4 years ago) when the charge was dropped (not in criminal court either which is a dire mistake), every chance he got he would say he was found innocent. This is simply not true. There was a lack of evidence simply because all the evidence was not admitted. Medical documents proving beyond a doubt that injuries incurred were because of assaults and more. But I digress here.

www.bama.com. check it out. Tell me if YOU think this company would be fair to a female dv victim. I have my doubts simply because this person is posting on an anti-female message board.

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