January 2, 2010

Another take on shared parenting - from a MAN!!!

Need I say more? Thanks RightsForMother.com for sharing this video.


Melissa said...

Eh, the video isn't bad, but I can't really approve of anything this guy does. I don't know if you've seen the two videos he's made about rape, but they're horrible. Triggering, victim-blaming...I won't link to them or anything because I don't want to support this guy, but look them up if you want to be REALLY pissed off. And extreme trigger warning on both of them.

Cold North Wind said...

Wow !!! A REAL man ! A REAL thinking man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm thinking- I was born about 40 years too soon- he wasn't even a twinkle in his father's eye- when I was hoping to meet someone like him- a thinking person. Oh well-
Well thank goodness he not only THINKS but expresses it too ! YES

Cold North Wind said...

oh- Melissa- will do- darn it . My bubble will burst ? Oh well- for a brief moment- there was hope-

Cold North Wind said...

well- I tried to find them- no luck.